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Monodirectional Electromagnetic *field*

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    Hi There, i've grown an interest in the concept of a mono-directional electric or magnetic field. I am aware of a theory of physics (i do not know which one) which states that any magnetic field lines must be a closed loop. Could anyone direct me to some apparently failed experiments attempting to disprove this theory?

    So in essence, you would have a device or material that has a magnetic or electric field of sorts that propagates in one direction away from the object. no closed loop; it would go forever.

    does quantum physics predict a phenomenon like this?

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    In the particle-wave dualism, electromagnetic energy can behave either as waves or as particles (photons). If a bare proton captures a free electron, the electron will cascade down through various atomic states, finally going through a 2p-> 1s transition. The various photons have a well defined wavelength lambda = h c/E where E = h v. These photons propagate away from the source at the velocity of light, with their electric E and magnetic H vectors both perpendicular to the direction of motion. Photons like these could travel half way across the Universe.
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