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More on super-reflective surfaces.

  1. Mar 16, 2013 #1
    So, I'm just going to suggest a circumstance, and leave it up for discussion. I recently read an interesting forum on super reflective material in which all energy is reflected (all theoretical, of course) and none of it is absorbed by the material. Now, say we construct a one way mirror where the other side acts as a window like in interrogation rooms. What would it look like from an observer's standpoint at different positions and with or without sources of light on either side of the material. Have at it!
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    It wouldn't be a one-way mirror if all the light was reflected, as the properties of the material would keep light from passing through from either side. Then it's just a really good mirror.
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    As Drakkith said, if you have a material that reflects part of the light and lets part of it pass through it is not super reflective.
    But maybe you meant something else. Maybe a mirror/sheet of glass that lets all light pass that hits one side of the sheet but completely reflects all light that hits the other side. Such a material is not possible since it would violate thermodynamics.
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    Welcome here to Physics Forums!

    When you describe reading an "interesting forum" about a "super reflective material" it is always useful if you post your reference for this source. Others can read that and then give better, more useful responses. Thank you.

    As the others have already said, if a material reflects "all" the incident energy, then no light will enter the "observation room".
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