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Motion without space

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    There is a book called THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE which suggests that empty space does not exist. If this were true could there be motion in the univeres?
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    shifted compared to what?

    if every thing shifts along with me then it is relatively same as nothing is shifting at all if i change the point of observation so that it shifts along with me.

    my A to Salnex Q:
    empty space could not exist and yet there can be movement cause not all types of matter are with same density. for example speeding bullet goes thru water just like that.
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    That there is no empty space is derived from quantum mechanics. In that realm, our everyday ideas about "motion through space" do not apply. How particle A moves from point A to point B, is not the same as you'd expect. Does anyone have a link explaining this?
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    what do you mean that moving from point a to point b is not as expected?
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    is it being suggested that in the quantum world there is no empty space? How do we know there is empty space in the larger than quantum world?
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    According to quantum mechanics, there is no empty space anywhere, at any scale. Space a teeming bath of virtual particles of all kinds. Quantum electrodynamics (QED), the quantum-mechanical description of the interaction of light and matter, is based upon the notion of these virtual particles. QED is also probably the most experimentally successful physical theory of all time -- it has succeeded in theoretically predicting the values of very esoteric characteristics of electrons (like their gyromagnetic ratio) to hundreds of (experimentally verified) decimal places.

    - Warren
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