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Motorcycle Helmet Construction

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    Hi everybody,

    I am new in this forum, and i have to say that i am not the best in physics but, i always loved playing with paint, carbon fiber and fiberglass etc...

    I had an idea of trying to make a Helmet with a science-fiction look ( halo ) and make it legally to wear it ( In thailand )

    I have used HJC Helmets for 3-4 years and i learned about their P.I.M (Premium Integrated Matrix) technology

    Here is a link to it :
    http://www.motozone.co.nz/resources/products/16168-40.388/hjc-pim-premium-integrated-matrix-technology.pdf [Broken]

    it has 4 main composite

    - aramid twill epoxy
    - Fiberglass twill epoxy
    - Utra high Molecular Polyetylene
    - Organic Non-woven Fabric

    Those are the materials for the main helmet Shell, I used too make some mold from ABS bike parts.
    But for the helmet i am willing to do i have no ABS real-model

    The only think i have is a pepakura 3D model and a OBJ 3D model ready to be 3D printed, i wanted to ask if the pepakura could be used as mold ( i have never done pepakura before ).
    3D printed main shell would make it easier to make a mold and have greater details but would cost more.
    As for the pepakura, i think it will be hard to make it details but would cost way lower price and would be just good for a prototype maybe?

    As for the inside i would make my own expended polystyrene shell, but i still lack a lot of knowledge in polystyrene. but i think i will use my HJC RPHA 10 helmet for reference for the polystyrene shell, so that i can use the foampads from my HJC helmet on my new homemade helmet.

    P.S : but i have never bonded 4 materials together, so i would like to know a bit about bonding those particular 4 materials together, i think trying to reproduce this P.I.M tech. won't be easy, but if i can it would give a strong shell, as i experienced with my HJC helmet in some motorcycle racing crash

    Thank you and feel free to comment, advise, etc...
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    What is the certification process and how much does it cost?
    I think you'd be better off buying a commercial unit (Google 'halo motorcycle helmet' for examples) than trying to get a home made helmet certified.
    Google 'destructive testing', that's what certification will probably include. Do you want to make 10 helmets by hand and watch 9 get destroyed? I'm sure that'll cost more than a single, certified retail unit (699USD).
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    Hi billy, thanks for your answer and advice, sure if i was outside Thailand like in france, it would cost like that price, for infos, materials and other tests in Thailand are relatively cheap 1 USD = 36-37 THB.

    Sure buying a google one would be really easy, and more safe.
    I will try to check out costs for materials to see if it's worth it.

    thanks for your answer ;)
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