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Moving to computer science from physics

  1. Mar 17, 2010 #1
    Hello everybody, I am currently studying for my master in physics in Canada, but I have become really interested in theoretical computer science, especially AI and machine learning, the question is what are my chances of being able to obtain a graduate position in a computer science department, my strength lie in mathematics and physics not in coding, I can write code by I am by no means an expert programming, I can learn but as stated I am interested more in the theoretical aspect. Also in my background apart from math there are no CS related classes I have a good GPA (3.6 in BS and MS) and GRE (800 QUANT, 900 Subject) also I have the chance of continuing to the PhD at my current institution, but the job prospects are better in CS. What advise can you give me, your help is greatly appreciated. Best regards.
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