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Mp3 files scattered all over my desktop

  1. Aug 30, 2008 #1
    I had all of my music mp3's and podcasts organized in my itunes library , now when I open my itunes library , none of my mp3s are in my itunes library.

    Is there a search method , that allows you to search all your mp3's that was previously on your itunes library and organized your mp3's and podcasts back into your itunes library?
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    Well, you can use the windows search function and search for all files *.mp3 -- but I'd want to know how they got scattered. Do you have a virus scanner?
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    Thanks that search function worked and I have all my mp3's organized into my itunes library once again. IDK, my mp3's randomly just scattered on my desktop without any apparent cause. One minute all my mp3's are in my itunes folder, the next minute, I closed my itunes library and the re-open my itunes program , and I find that all my mp3's were not there.
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