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Multisim: How to connect agilent scope?

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    Ok so lets say you wanted to connect the scope across a resistors terminals... how to do you make the connection if the scope is using that coaxial wire... like is their some weird component for splitting the connection?

    btw I dont want to use the basic scope because i need to add signals from two channels and rely on some of that nice math stuff in the agilent simulation :P

    EDIT: one more thing... is it possible, when you subtract two signals, to determine their phase difference from that math signal? Maybe i'm misreading this from my lab manual:
    "Using a convenient feature of the digital scope you can now subtract the two signals and view simultaneously the voltage across L and across R, and determine their phase difference."
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    i figured out how to connect the scope...basically no way like we do in school... you have to ground the scope, but i think that part is optional, and then connect channel 1 across the element, i guess its [scope ground goes here]---[Vsin]----resistor---x-- you put the probe on to measure voltage drop after across resistor...

    I learned doing phase difference from here: http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/index_tj.asp?objID=ACE3803

    but thats with the graticule... how do you do it if you use the cursors?

    EDIT: Ok i found the formula delta t / period * 360...

    Hmm... ok so still got one last question... how do you determine phase difference from subtracting two sigals?
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