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My Friend thinks the moon landing was faked by NASA

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    I have some questions for you people. My friend believes the first moon landing was faked, among a lot of other conspiracy's apparently proven all over the internet. The purpose of this post is to question his thoughts with some logical answers to some of the questions he has asked me.

    One of the most commonly stated things he has said to me when I say man has been to the moon is this.

    "It is impossible for people to go into space past the earths magnetic field. There is to much radiation from the sun that would kill you if you were to go past the earths magnetic fields. The earths magnetic fields protect us from the massive amounts of radiation that come from the sun. So therefore no one has been to the moon, because the moon is beyond the earths protective magnetic fields, humans would simply die if they exited this field."

    Can someone please explain to us why this isn't true. Can you please explain and provide proof that man has been into outer space.
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    Have your friend look at this chart. Because the missions on the Shuttle and Skylab were much longer, their levels were higher even though there is some protection.

    Type of Exposure Dose Equivalent
    Shuttle (Average Skin Dose) ~433 mrem*/mission
    Apollo 14 (Highest Skin Dose) 1,400 mrem*/mission
    Skylab 4 (Highest Skin Dose) 17,800 mrem*/mission
    Shuttle (Highest Skin Dose) 7,864 mrem*/mission
    Airline Flight Crew 200 mrem*/year
    Gas Cooking Range 0.02 mrem*/year
    Dental Prosthesis 0.02 mrem*/year
    CT Scan (Chest) 700 mrem*/event
    Barium Enema 400 mrem*/event
    Houston Background 100 mrem*/year
    Source: http://srag-nt.jsc.nasa.gov/spaceradiation/faq/faq.cfm [Broken]

    Beyond that, discussion of the moon landing being fake is against the Terms and Rules of the site.
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    Indeed it is. We can't even discuss the topic for the purposes of debunking them. It simply attracts too many idiots and crackpots. If you look around the web you can find a wealth of info debunking this conspiracy theory.

    From the rules listing of banned topics:

    Thread closed.
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