What is Moon landing: Definition and 20 Discussions

A Moon landing is the arrival of a spacecraft on the surface of the Moon. This includes both crewed and robotic missions. The first human-made object to touch the Moon was the Soviet Union's Luna 2, on 13 September 1959.The United States' Apollo 11 was the first crewed mission to land on the Moon, on 20 July 1969. There were six crewed U.S. landings between 1969 and 1972, and numerous uncrewed landings, with no soft landings happening between 22 August 1976 and 14 December 2013.
The United States is the only country to have successfully conducted crewed missions to the Moon, with the last departing the lunar surface in December 1972. All soft landings took place on the near side of the Moon until 3 January 2019, when the Chinese Chang'e 4 spacecraft made the first landing on the far side of the Moon.

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  1. sophiecentaur

    Viewing Distant Celestial Objects: Could Hubble Have Seen the Moon Landings?

    Mentors' note: This thread has been split off from https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/viewing-distant-celestial-objects.997168/ If it were possible for Hubble to have seen evidence of Moon landings, those batty conspiracies about the landings being fake would have died long ago.
  2. Nick tringali

    I Was The moon landing fake?

    Sorry, I feel stupid posting this but my family is having a big debate right now and I was forced to open Physics Forums. So I personally believe the moon landing was real, my sister believes it was fake. The evidence is convincing on this video I watched. It was something like "Conspiracy...
  3. DennisN

    First Man (upcoming movie)

    I just heard of this upcoming movie and thought I'd share it on PF. As a fan of The Right Stuff and Apollo 13, I look forward to this movie. :smile: First Man - Official Trailer (HD)
  4. enorbet

    From the Moon to the Scrap Heap and Back

    Greetings all In the mid 1960s Raytheon developed the first microcomputer chip ICs and Rope Memory that would get us to the moon. Apparently within a mere 10 years these historic small steps that were more than a decade ahead of their time and of considerable historic value were auctioned off...
  5. sevenperforce

    Suborbital docking - Apollo Landings

    Suppose that one of the Apollo landings had developed a fuel leak in the lunar ascent module, such that even with a lightened load, the ascent module only had enough delta-v to reach about half of lunar orbital velocity. One possible rescue solution would be to lower the command module's orbit...
  6. Gaz

    A Moon Landing Q&A: Solar Winds & Astronauts

    I have a question about the moon landing . Wouldn't the solar winds kill any astronaut in space?
  7. C

    NASA My Friend thinks the moon landing was faked by NASA

    Hi I have some questions for you people. My friend believes the first moon landing was faked, among a lot of other conspiracy's apparently proven all over the internet. The purpose of this post is to question his thoughts with some logical answers to some of the questions he has asked me. One...
  8. duhuhu

    Access to unedited photo/video archive of moon landings

    Hey guys, Lately I have been getting really really into the moon landings, and I want to take a look at some of the image archives to get a better look at what all they did and saw on the moon. Unfortunately, no mater how much I search, all I can seem to find is the same hundred or so photos...
  9. R

    Proving the Moon Landing: Facts and Evidence

    I have 2 close friends who believe we've never been to the moon. I've tried explaining to them why the flag moved, why there is no need to go back, etc, and it falls on deaf ears. This morning i saw this video by NASA [...
  10. A

    Apollo moon landing remnants ?

    Hi. I was just reading a thread on the distance of the moon from the Earth on another thread, and it reminded me of a converstion with a guy a long time ago, that I haven't had resolved - even in my own mind. This guy was a 'moon landing hoax' type. I was pointing out to him the absolute...
  11. A

    Calculating Needed Thrust for a Moon Landing

    Homework Statement A landing craft of mass 12,000 kg prepares itself for a Moon landing. When at a vertical distance 160m above the Moon’s surface it’s downwards velocity is 15 m/s. A retrorocket is fired to give the craft an upward thrust to slow its speed to zero as it meets the...
  12. I

    Moon landing was true - how do i always win this debate?

    I hate having to defend the moon landing since so many people disagree with it. The best piece of evidence i can put forward is the mythbusters page debunking the skepticism http://mythbustersresults.com/episode-104-nasa-moon-landing highlight of the page
  13. Ivan Seeking

    40 years since the first moon landing

    ...almost to the minute. The precise moment is about six minutes away. I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Forty years ago, the world was holding its breath.
  14. baywax

    Belaying Doubts of Moon Landing

    Couldn't we just point some high powered telescopes at the moon and show these skeptics the equipment, tire tracks and footprints left behind on the moon by all the missions that went there? Has anyone done that and is there a link to the evidence? Oh... Here's one answer... :redface:
  15. D

    Moon Landing Conspiracy

    First- I definitely believe we landed on the moon. But is there any real evidence? Pictures, rocks, and huge, expensive shuttles aren't conclusive evidence, are they? David
  16. S

    Fake Moon Landing: Evidence, Flags & Remnants | Part 1-3

    part 1 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1913474363747128107 [Broken] part 2 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5737681932896358451 [Broken] part 3 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2265515730495966561 [Broken] now, they produce huge amount of evidence that indeed...
  17. I

    NASA Fake NASA moon landing?

    I know this particular cons-theory has been done to death already, but does anyone on this forum have the means to examine the rate of fall of dust from the lunar rovers wheels as seen on NASA film footage? If the whole thing was filmed on Earth the one thing no one can fake is gravitational...
  18. D

    Was the Moon Landing a Hoax?

    I personally think it was after reading sites such as these: [ woo-woo links deleted ] Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this topic... (I hope I don't get banned :frown: )
  19. D

    Did the Moon Landing Really Happen?

    i've heard lots of theories of people saying it was staged but dunno...some people beleived it was fake because there were no stars in the sky...any comments? about this topic?
  20. V

    Was the first moon landing a fake?

    Was it?