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My HP printer installation program cannot see the printer

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    My HP printer installation program cannot see the printer!!!

    I have a HP All In One 7400 office jet and is working for many years. It only work with XP only. I have had no problem installing this into many computers and late as a week ago. But all of a sudden, when I try to install the printer on two other computers that originally had the same printer working and with the program deleted cannot see the printer.

    The installation is in such you run the installation, in the middle it tell you to plug in the printer through the USB port and it will immediately recognize the printer. But as of only two days ago, the program don't see the printer anymore!!!

    The printer is still working fully with the old computers, I just cannot install into any computer anymore. The USB cable works!!! Any suggestion?

    BTW, this is a totally different issue from my desktop that I have on another thread. This is on all the other good computers. Also on my just fixed computer that still have part of the printer program working, I can print, and I can even scan with the MS scanning program. But when I try to use the CD and a downloaded version to try to re-install the complete program, it won't recognize the printer. That is so strange.
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    Re: My HP printer installation program cannot see the printer!!!

    Try a different USB port (plug) on your system if there are any others. There are multiple USB controllers and maybe the one you're trying to use is causing this problem.
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