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Running compatibility to install old program in Win10

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    I failed to install an old Avery label maker program in my Win 10 laptop. The same CD was used to install in a few other computers with XP and Win 7. When I tried to install, the computer said the program is not compatible with the computer.

    I did try right click the installation .exe and choose compatibility, it asked to test the program, but it won't run. I then manually chose XP with SP3, but when I hit "testing the program", it won't run, it just ignore me. I click the XP anyway. But later on when I try to install, it gave the same message that the program is not compatible to the computer.

    I tried doing the same thing and chose Win 7, still won't work.

    I have done this before to install a few old programs with no problem, but this failed. Any advice?


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    Look on the suppliers website . They may have updated the software to suit later operating systems or they may have new programs which do the same task for you to download .
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    Quite a lot of useful information on there .
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    Thanks Nidum

    I am downloading their template. I have to have my wife look at it as I am just helping her. At the mean time, I also wonder why the compatibility feature doesn't work on this program. I did quite a few on the old program older than this one and they all worked. Is there any other way than what I did described in the first post to make the old program work? My wife is the kind that if the program worked for her and she learned it, she like to keep the program forever. honestly, I am kind of like that too even thought I am supposed to be the "IT person" of the family!!!!

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    I further right click the start.exe and go into properties and compatibility tab. I check all the reduced color and other to more primitive setting, still it does not work.

    I went on line and look at how to install old programs using compatibility mode, I think I covered it all. Any thing else I missed?

    My wife checked out the new Avery program, she doesn't like it, she want to stay with the old one. I am stuck. please help.

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    The Windows compatibility feature is more likely to work with software-only packages and more likely to fail when the software package installs hardware drivers, which Avery Label Maker certainly does. Your options are: install an Avery version that supports Win10, downgrade to Windows 7, or run Windows 7 as a virtual machine.
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