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My Intro...

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    Hello All, Google brought me here.
    Looks fascinating.
    I'm a part time student at Purdue in New Albany IN. working on a B.S. in M.E.T.
    The rest of my time is working full time outside most all of what I find interesting.
    What spare time is left goes to Arduino, some artistic pursuits, my wife, and fixing broken things I can't or don't want to replace.

    I googled "force to rotate" and found PF.
    Today I want to rotate a small decorative ships wheel in fairly random speeds, direction, and amounts of time. I plan to use an AtTiny85, L293d, with a 16V power supply to the motor via L293D.

    Happy to meet you over time.
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    Welcome Jeromy! Please post all questions in the proper forum if you wish to receive answers. :smile:
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    No Problem.
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