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My senior Project ( online website )

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    hi everyone , i doing online website for ordering pizza using dreamweaver (html) and i wonder when i create a form for the customer to select their food and write down there location .. so should all this information go to database ? is there a way that this information be sent to the supplier without using a database ? if not what is the best ( easiest ) database to use ?

    thanx in advanced ..
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    Not sure we have enough information to help you very much. It depends a lot on how the order is handled by the supplier. For example, is it a single pizza place, and you're writing an interface for them to see orders, and mark them as completed when it has been fulfilled? Do they need to hold onto a record of past orders? It really depends on your exact requirements.

    Some databases you could consider are SQLite, which is simple and stores things in a file. But if the database will be large or generally need better performance than SQLite can give you, MariaDB or PostgreSQL are some to consider.
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    hi , thank u for replying .. my website is online pizza order .. if the customer will order at first time what he needs to signup or if he was already signed up and write in a form his name , phone number , the location . then he choose from the menu what kind of pizza he wants and the quantity ( so it will be some calculation ) . there is also a part that he can make his own pizza by selecting the ingredients by him self .. and i am also thinking to give to the customer at the end of the order theapproximate time until the delievery will arive to him depending on his\her location. I am kind of not familiar how to deal with database . so is it SQLite my best option .. Thank u ..
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    I'd definitely start with SQLite. Far less setup, and you can be off and running with it quickly. And if you decide you want a more heavy duty database, it's not generally that difficult to change to another database. All the options I mentioned use SQL. You usually need to tweak a few things, but they're similar enough to not cause tons of work, particularly if you don't have to move data from one to another.

    Sounds to me like you definitely want to use a database. As for the rest of it, that depends on what languages you're familliar with. I tend to like Python a lot, so I'd go with something like Django on the back-end, but there are many other viable choices.
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    thank u so much for replying ... i am learning now how to use sqlite.. i downloaded sqlite3.exe ans also administrative tools for it .. I am not familier with Python but i'll try to learn it from internet .. i really hope finish this project this semester and finally graduate .. thank u
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