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My view on arts, music and aesthetics in general

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    These are no more than drugs. They work as drugs in people' brains. So why should they be encouraged or even consumed in the first place? In my view, we need to ban them. Or we should legalize all drugs.
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    So why the crusade against harmless pleasures?
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    If drugs didn't negatively affect people's health and lifestyle, then I don't think anyone would have any problem with them. Art doesn't negatively affect people's health and lifestyle.

    I could go on, but I think that is sufficient.
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    Lets's ban all pleasurable things, including sex. That should weed out the prudes within a generation or two, assuming they will honor the ban.
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    "CRAZY" by Mr. Z Shoe. Pencil on Bristol Board, 14 x17, 2008
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    Maybe you could just poke your eyes out, then we wouldn't have to worry about where to "draw the line" on aesthetics.

    Fantastic piece Zooby!! The irony makes it all the better.
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    Could you provide some peer reviewed references?

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    Yeah, I'm really not sure that art and other aesthetic mediums actually cause a drug like reaction in the brain. If the OP could produce a scientific article discussing this idea that may be helpful.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't listen to him. He got a 50% on his first Calc II exam and then didn't read the syllabus and note that it could have been made up.
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    I firmly believe that art is the only reason to live.
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    Good heavens are you talented.

    As for the OP, I get your point about pleasurable feelings or emotions elicited by art, music, and etc. (again, the 'and etc.' part being the truly important one) are neurotransmitters firing at chemical synapses therefore chemical reactions. Basically. What I don't get is the leap to escalation.
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    It seems that you have never found genuine pleasure in art, foremost from being deluded that substance abuse gives pleasure.

    Wearing decorated jeans may make one feel cool, but a crack pipe in their pocket indicates little sensibility.
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    I can see his point that it's like a drug though. Not specifically art, but just pleasurable things in general.
    For instance, school just ended for us, so I'm probably going to waste the next 2-3 hours playing video games or watching TV instead of doing something useful like studying physics.

    I've actually had similar thoughts as the OP, however not nearly as drastic as to "ban" them, but I can never ponder it too long because the thought scares me.

    True we could ban all pleasurable things, and we probably would be more productive as a species and our scientific and technological advancements would skyrocket (I would think).

    But, then you must ask, if we don't enjoy it then what is the point?
    Sure we could all make marvelous contributions to mankind... but by then we would be dead and our own work would be of no use to us would it? But, by that same logic, all the time we spent pleasuring ourselves with art and such, would also be of no use... So I guess it just comes down to do whatever you want with your time here on Earth.

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    Zooby's Designer Drugs Inc. thanks you both!
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    My thoughts on your thoughts: What makes you think anyone cares and what makes you think your opinions are worth publishing?
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    I sense flames building.
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    I could not have said it better myself.
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    How can you say that when basically all of what historical society considers the most advanced civilizations that have ever lived (i.e. - the egyptians, mayans, greeks, etc..) were heavy drug users, with most of it being marijuana and cocaine.

    Most of the greatest advancements mankind has made in just about every field has been made by "druggies" and "psychos" to use the terms liberally (which really makes me wonder sometimes lol).
  20. Dec 12, 2009 #19

    Agreed 100%. Provide some evidence for your claims, instead of making (seemingly) wild assumptions.
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    The difference being that "psychos" treated not to hallucinate, etc. are proving themselves much more productive. Physical and mental self-destruction came and comes from self-medicating.
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