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My youtube is cutting in and out.

  1. May 8, 2012 #1
    When I start to play the video, the audio will always keep going but
    the picture will freeze and then start back up again.
    I reformatted my computer like a week ago. So there is not a lot of stuff on it.
    And I am using Firefox. Any help will be much appreciated.
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    What happens if you let the video play to the end and then start it up again? If it plays fine on the second pass (a replay of the cached data), it could be a bandwidth issue at youtube depending on how busy youtube's servers are, or a bandwidth issue with your internet connection.
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    I let a video play to the end, and then replayed it, And it still cut in an out.
    And I also went to the other computer in my house that is connected to same line
    as my computer through a router, and it didn't have any problems on you tube.
    So is it something wrong with my computer.
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    disable/uninstall the flash plugin for firefox. then goto the adobe website and download and reinstall flash player. clear your firefox internet cache. restart firefox and try again.
    if that doesnt work, then try IE and Chrome and see how it plays there
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