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Naive Feynman diagram question

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    I'm far from well versed in physics, but I'm trying to understand something about a Feynman diagram I saw. The diagram shows an electron and positron annihilating, and producing a quark/anti-quark pair and a gluon. I recently saw a special on the discovery channel that said matter/anti-matter annihilation produces pure energy. Does that mean q + (-q) + gluon=E, or in other words a gluon = energy?
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    There's really no such thing as "pure energy." The most common thing formed in particle/antiparticle annihilations is radiation - photons. However, any process is allowed provided it conserves certain quantities - energy, momentum, angular momentum, electric charge, baryon number, lepton number, color charge, and possibly other things that aren't coming to the top of my head.
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