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Name that Mathmatics term (Periodic blank )

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    Name that Mathmatics term (Periodic "blank")

    I have no idea what the english term for it is. As a result it is more-or-less impossible to find something about it online.

    One can give the equation for a sine kurve simply by looking at the graph, taking values such as the amplitute, period etc. and combining them to one equation.

    If it is what I think it is, wikipedia seems to have a very limited number of information about it. Any resources on that subject at all would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.
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    Periodic function?
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    matt grime

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    ok, we'll try to help find what 'it' is.

    I'm not sure one can do that at all.

    If you say what the 'it' refers to we might be able to help.
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    I think the term is 'periodic sequence'. Reading the amplitude gives A, the k is (2 * pi) / (period) and b is the phase shift (also directly translated).

    y = A sin(kx+b)

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    i didn't think there was a term for that. i know i've seen a trig series written using only sines by using certain identities to get rid of the cosine but i've never come across a name for it.
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