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Nano-based muscles

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    I few years ago I was reading on the Foresight website and found an http://www.foresight.org/Conferences/MNT10/Abstracts/Wright2/index.html". The power to weight ratio of the things, when they ever get built, is mind blowing.

    I hit upon the idea of what if billions or trillions of the linear type of these motors were put together into macroscopic muscles. Not unlike how our muscle cells make up our macroscopic muscles. The difference here being the motors would be far stronger than our wimpy muscle cells. A robot actuated by them could pick up a truck easily, or have a vertical leap of hundreds of meters. Or I'm daft. Have I missed anything--like the square cube law--that throws wooden shoes into this idea? Of course the muscles would need some amazing batteries, a nice fat electrical line or a portable nuclear plant to power them, but hey...
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