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Homework Help: Nanotechnology: scales of tools and objects

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    What is the relationship of the scale of the tool and the scale of the object?

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    This refers to nanotechnology. But I'm confused when they state the scale of the tool and the scale of the object. Therefore, would the scale of the tool have different measurements such as at nanoscale or microscale and the scale of the object would at macrometers or macroscale. I searched all over google and .org websites and couldn't find anything. Maybe I didn't search right. But I appreciate the help on this question. Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    "the scale of a tool" is a little vague.
    depends what tools you're talking about
    if you're talking about a microscope, then you can put a scale in the microscope to read your results, such as a micrometer scale. You will likely use the combination of a ocular micrometer and stage micrometer to measure the length of whatever substance you want. There are many articles on how to use these scales.
    The key point would likely be: the tool scale is used to measure the dimensions of a substance.

    Now, when you talk about an object. You may be either building a model or drawing a model. You will 'scale down' your model if you are referring to something large (i.e buildings), or 'scale up' your model if you are referring to something small (i.e cells).
    There are many articles online illustrating how to properly scale a drawing.
    The key point would likely be: An 'objects' scale is a ratio that is used in drawings and models to illustrate the relevant sizes of objects in comparison to the drawing / model.

    hope that helps,
    p.s. you may want to do a little more research, I made a lot of that up from the top of my head thinking back to old bio labs
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    Re: Nanotechnology

    Okay, I will next time. But thanks a lot for this. Have a good day.
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