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NASA Dark Matter Announcement on Monday, 21st Aug

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    Cosmic Variance's Sean Carroll is one of the briefing participants.
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    We live in exciting times, neutrino. Thanx for the heads up.
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    Yes, thankyou indeed!

    It appears the stories been leaked, and the Chandra observation is of 1E 0657-56 or the "Bullet Cluster"
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    Where is the leak? (Is it Karl Rove? o:) ) What specifically are they inferring from that cluster that suggests dark matter?
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    See neutrino second link and the comments. Sorry, not familiar with Karl Rove.
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    It's not the first time people claim to have detected dark matter indirectly, but let's hope this time it's for real!
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    There are already papers in existance on this cluster and dark matter. I have linked them a few times here if you care to check my previous posts. I saw Maxim Markevitch talk at the 6 years of Chandra conference on this cluster. They have a much deeper observation with Chandra, and I am guessing they have probably gone deeper in the optical to improve the lensing maps.
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    Cautious optimism, matt. This could be a breakthrough, or just another unsupported guess. I'm hesitant because it would be a huge discovery.
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    Marcus has linked to John Baez's blog too. See http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/week238.html for more.

    All I am saying is that they are probably just updating their old paper with better observations. I know for a fact that the "bullet cluster" has been re-observed for 500ks on chandra - an order of magnitude longer than the previous observation. Who knows, maybe they have found more evidence using this new data?
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    Bye Bye MonD/TeVeS..
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    matt.o, What's 'ks' ("I know for a fact that the "bullet cluster" has been re-observed for 500ks")? Kiloseconds?
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    yes, ks=kilo seconds. It is standard terminology for observation time in x-ray astronomy.
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    Thanks. I have never heard it before.
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    Dark matter is...

    Extremal black holes of Planck mass. Could some astronomers please use this fact to come up with a galactic collision simulation before Monday.

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    Kea, Planckian mass black holes would evaporate almost as soon as they formed. I think you misstated your point. You are a very bright girl, so I don't even consider the possibility I know more than you do on this subject - just question your basis for this assertion.
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    I always get a bit suspicious when the peopel who write headlines use words like "proof", or researchers say things like
    That one's going to stir up a hornet's nest! But I suppose that's why he said it; to draw out the detrctors and force them to respond to the data. Their failure to refute will be a much stronger support of the claims being made.
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    ur absolutely right. that's how it works, doesn't it?:wink:
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