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NASA job opportunity

  1. Sep 17, 2015 #1
    I am not a US national but I'm really interested to graduate in Astronomy and work with NASA. So I've heard alot of rumours that non US nationals cannot get job in NASA.
    Is it true.?
    If yes then which of the other space agencies offer job to outsiders (someone not national of that country)
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    NASA itself only hires US citizens. I'm not sure how it works for companies that contract with NASA.
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    You need to become a US citizen before you can do any work for the federal government, or work on federal contracts. You would probably need to be able to get and maintain at the minimum a confidential or secret clearance, even when the job doesn't really deal with classified material. There may be exceptions for jobs that deal directly with national security (such as linguists), but you're probably out of luck.

    If you're in the EU, you should eligible to work for the ESA.
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    NASA contractors can hire non-US citizens for some positions, they just can't work directly for NASA. Not sure what kind of positions the OP wanted.
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    As you would also need to obtain a Russian citizenship to work within the Russian space agency and etc ...
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    Thank you All
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    Before you run away, you might also want to take a look at these:



    Be very careful when you have an ambition to work for a particular employer, because in this case, it appears that you may not know of the fact that I've listed many times above.

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    The way many US aerospace corporations work is you need to be able to work in the US without company sponsorship.
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