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NASA - The Political/Semi-Science Organization

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    NASA -- The Political/Semi-Science Organization


    I have these thoughts about NASA.
    1. They Have a disrespect for life
      • The flew the Space Shuttle when they were warned not .. twice killing all on board
        Suddenly, they are trying to get to Moon but are using old Apollo technology because it is EASY to throw to together and would get them there faster. What is wrong with taking the time to develop the new technology --- so what if I takes 30 to 40 years... what is the RUSH? Trying to improve a model T for NASCAR is dumb even if one has built millions.
    2. Lack Focus
      • They have too many programs that amount to nothing. And now with brilliant Chinese and Japanese space programs on the rise with gravity systems it's surely an embarrassment.
      • They think of lame brain ideas just to keep funding.
    3. Contradiction to their family centric policy
      • Willingness to take chances lives of others is not family centric
      • Not managing people resources is not family centric; The Diapernaut lady. I think NASA thought the competition was healthy.

    NASA should not be thinking about going to the moon or mars until they;
    1) develop a way to counter lack of gravity or people will DIE. AND NO, It is not acceptable to say space is dangerous and people will DIE. If one can't cook get OUT THE KITCHEN so to speak!
    2) build real space vehicles that use non chemical means and fuel that has high Power/mass ratio so one can turn around and come back to earth.
    3) wait until money is not issue or join up with 3 other countries to offset cost. Taking shortcuts and trying to have an economical space program is an embarrassment of poverty and poor judgment; especially when human lives on on the line.

    By the way, that Aries 5 Rocket is nothing but a 400 FT Bomb and the ubiquity of insanity -- LUNACY PROGRAM -- Houston NASA HAS PROBLEMS. I bet it takes out 5 city blocks when it explodes on launchpad ... HA HA!!!

    HAHAHAHA , that is what I think about NASA the little red caboose that couldn't make it up the hill. If I get job offer from NASA I'd surely turn it down I want to work from innovative companies which means I'll be leaving the USA.

    "Gonna enter the grand prix motorsports in a revamped model-T and win!! I understand this system and its SIMPLE. One can spend 5 years improving it and building worthless mockups until i'm satisfied i will not feel bad when the driver dies in it!!!"

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    Re: NASA -- The Political/Semi-Science Organization

    I have these thoughts about you:

    Your spelling sucks
    Your facts are wrong
    Your logic is flawed
    You are a dropout

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    Re: NASA -- The Political/Semi-Science Organization

    Ok, but saying my facts are wrong is not enough. Also, I rushed to type this in so yeah my spelling would suck maybe even some of the grammar too.
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    Re: NASA -- The Political/Semi-Science Organization

    No references.

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    Re: NASA -- The Political/Semi-Science Organization

    lol guis liek nasa sux!11!

    Seriously man?
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