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NASA to make next Mars announcement today

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    uh huh, heard it on the TV this morning before going to work

    stripped by the solar wind ..... I thought ... well that was a revelation !! :rolleyes::rolleyes: ... NOT ...

    That has been the primary assumption for some yrs

    lack of a signif magnetic field, lower gravity, being the primary helpful factors
    towards the solar wind having a stronger effect

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    Press release 5 November:
    The MAVEN mission collected more data about solar wind at Mars allowing them to go into more detail about how 99% of the original atmosphere was stripped. Most of it fairly early on.

    The conclusion: more confidence about the scenario that most of Mars water went off into space rather than getting stored as underground ice.

    Mars looks increasingly like a comparatively poor prospect for human settlement/space industry.

    Ceres, with a thick layer of ice beneath its surface, looks like a better prospect--probably more inhabitable below-ground, with a better supply of industrial raw materials. Lower gravity means people and materials easier and safer to land and take off.

    Mars base probably a dead-end--by comparison a waste of time and resources
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    They stressed that it was particularly solar storms that did the most damage, disproportionate to their frequency/
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