National Semiconductor Audio/Radio Handbook

  1. Can anyone give me the link address of following book

    National Semiconductor Audio/Radio Handbook
    by Martin Giles
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  3. i can't tell you a link. i have an old copy (from the 80's or maybe earlier) of the book. try posting this to the USENET newsgroups comp.dsp or maybe or maybe
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  5. Thanks rbj for your information.
    i will be looking for it.
    And again many many thanks.
  6. Dear dlgoff,
    I have already visited Your given link.

    I need a share link for this book.

    Thanks for your information.
  7. does anyone have a download link for this particular book (e.g: e-book, .pdf)

    thank you.
  8. berkeman

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    It's a great book. My copy is from 1980 as well, and is dog-eared and hi-lited throughout. You guys may just have to cough up the $15 for a copy. I think you'll find it worth it.
  9. i tried to find the book at a book store 2 days ago, there's no stock. it is a really old book? or does they print any new edition?
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    It's from 1980, but the reprint link above looks like they reprinted it in 2000. The National Semiconductor website has this on their FAQ page:

    So it looks like the reprint option is your best bet.
  11. Hi everyone!
    I am really needing that book because the proyect that im developing includes an eq explained in that book (a gyrator with 2 capacitors using the lm 833).
    I am from Uruguay, and here that book isnt sold, and as i am under 18 (im a electronic student) i dont have a credit card to buy it online :(.
    So if someone could scan the chapter or send me the formulas of the circuit or something, im really in need .
    Thank you all.

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    Welcome to PF metricaez. My old National Audio Handbook doesn't include any application notes for the LM833 but you can download the PDF notes with the equations I think you are looking from here:

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