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Semiconductor cross referance book

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    I'm looking to buy a semiconductor cross reference book, for part numbers and diode and transistor parameters, including new smt parts. I had an old sgs Thomson book but it got lost in a move, if anyone could recommend me one that would be great.

    I don't want a link to a web site cross reference, I need a paper book.

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    almost non-existent these days, once upon a time when there were far fewer devices, books were practical
    now days with so many new parts being added all the time any paper reference would be out of date before it even gets printed

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    SMD components are marked with a 2 or 3 symbol product code, it is not a part number. The code is not the same between different manufacturers of the same device. There is no index of manufacturers codes available.

    You will find more than half the devices you encounter will have data only on the web.

    Google ' semiconductor cross reference .pdf ' then download some files for use off-line.
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    thanks for the info guys, will look for those pdfs.
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