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Aerospace Navigation System of Autonomous UAV

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    Autonomous UAV usually employ GPS systems for navigation purpose. However, the accuracy of GPS systems lie between 1 to 10 m. If the autonomous UAV has to be employed in applications where the positional accuracy should not exceed 0.5 m, what are the best navigation assisting options available?

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    What sort of terrain are you operating in? Optical processing may be an option but that depends on your environment. Also the accuracy of GPS increases with the use of a WAAS capable receiver. It is possible to augment your 3d position with optical processing. (LIDAR, camera, IR camera, etc....)
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    I see a lot of Xlint manufactured video processors in cruise missile guidance systems coupled to camera inputs so I would assume they are using some sort of terrain recognition system.

    Of course, someone has to input the images so the system can compare.

    Inertial navigation should have become more user friendly and precise with the recent gamut of new inertial and other motion sensors.
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