What is Navigation: Definition and 47 Discussions

Navigation is a field of study that focuses on the process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another. The field of navigation includes four general categories: land navigation, marine navigation, aeronautic navigation, and space navigation.It is also the term of art used for the specialized knowledge used by navigators to perform navigation tasks. All navigational techniques involve locating the navigator's position compared to known locations or patterns.
Navigation, in a broader sense, can refer to any skill or study that involves the determination of position and direction. In this sense, navigation includes orienteering and pedestrian navigation.

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  1. C

    Best indoor positioning system/technology for in-home use?

    I'm building a robot to be used in a residential setting. This robot's primary directive is going to be to open a door in someone's house, and then come to them and tell them this has been done. This will require the robot to be aware of its location within their house (or, at least, its...
  2. H

    B Navigating To Another Star System

    I assume that as the light years to another Star reduce the position of the Star will change relative to other references in the navigation calculations. So what adjustments would be necessary to a Starship's course as it gobbles up the distance to maintain pointing it's nose at the destination...
  3. DaveC426913

    Projection Maps for Alien World Navigation

    An ocean world navigational map will not have any reason to chop up its navigational maps into artificial pieces to accommodate continents. That disqualifies several projections to start. I want to figure out what kind of a projection they would use. Since they would be doing all their...
  4. H

    I Navigating when away from Earth

    Earth has GPS, GNSS and more I guess. Will there (eventually) be a Navigation system for our Solar system so that autonomous (and manned) flights can move around like we do in our vehicles with an onscreen map. Not trying to be fanciful here just wondered if there are discussions or papers. I...
  5. Buzz Bloom

    B Navigation by detecting anomalies in Earth's magnetic field

    Today I came across an article (not from a authoritative journal) about "Quantum Navigation". https://www.wired.com/story/quantum-physicists-found-a-new-safer-way-to-navigate/ It is about a method to do navigation by detecting anomalies in Earth's magnetic field. I tried (and failed) to find a...
  6. F

    Navigating in Woods: How to Find Your Way Home

    Hello, Let's say I got lost in the wood (car stranded). If I had a map and I was able to identify north,south, east and west, would I be able to find my way home without knowing my exact current location? I don't think so. The map would be useless without knowing where I am on the map. Is that...
  7. F

    Height of an island beyond the horizon

    Homework Statement If I am standing on the ocean shore, and my eye level is 6 feet above sea level, how far above the horizon would an island appear that is 15 miles away and whose highest point is 200 feet above sea level (assuming the earth’s diameter is 3,960 miles?) In other words, how many...
  8. C

    Velocity Vectors and Navigation Across A River

    Homework Statement Sandra needs to deliver 20 cases of celery to the farmers' market directly east across the river, which is 32 meters wide. Her boat can move at 2.5 km/h in still water. The river has a current of 1.2 km/h flowing downstream, which happens to be moving in a southerly...
  9. Dave Ritche

    How can I make a custom bootstrap navigation bar?

    I am trying to make a bootstrap navigation bar but I'm having issues with understanding which class to apply to a specific element? Can anyone show me some coding?
  10. A

    I China launches X-ray Pulsar NAVigation satellite

    China launched five small satellites Thursday, including the X-ray Pulsar Navigation satellite that eventually could help spacecraft headed for deep space navigate, the latest piece of China’s ambitious space program, NASA Spaceflight.com reported. The X-ray pulsar, developed by Aerospace...
  11. M

    A Need help with satellite navigation? Any textbook recommendations?

    Hey guys, looking to get some advice on satellite navigation. Can anyone recommend a nice textbook covering Newton, Kepler, Lagrange etc and their contributions to orbital motion. Also any textbooks on MATLAB or Maple examples of orbits - relativistic or Newtonian it doesn't matter. Not put off...
  12. G

    Robotics Engineers -- How could a bot navigate by temperature?

    I've seen a bit of research that relies on imaging methods like FLIR for input. My question adds a couple wrinkles: How could a robot Navigate without imaging? I.e., using only local sensors like a thermocouple or array of thermocouples. Extract navigation info from turbulent thermally...
  13. D

    Robot navigation using GPS coordinates with two ultrasonic range finders

    Ok, the reason for my absence is I have been working on a project of building a multitasking Robot. Since the connection of Robots to Physics never entered my mind I assumed I have nothing of value to add to any discussion on the PhysicsForums. If anyone is interested in the problem that I am...
  14. Stephanus

    How did Scott find Amundsen's flag at the South Pole without GPS?

    Dear PF Forum, In January 1912, Scott reached South Pole and found Amundsen flag. So, in millions of km square white place, Scott reached the very spot that Amundsen posted his (Amundsen) flag. How was the method? Considering there were no GPS back then. Could Scott navigate very precisely? Or...
  15. R

    GNS/INS (Inertial Navigation System) integration

    Hi I'm working on a GPS/INS model. Now I developped the mecanization equations for the INS. I have a kalman filter which estimate the error state (position error with respect to north and east). it takes as an input the diffrence between GPS and INS and gives its estimation . I have...
  16. S

    Can I Find an Analytical Solution for Spherical Trilateration?

    Hi I am looking for an equation of intersection of 3 circles or 3 spheres, on the surface of the fourth (central) sphere, in a spherical coordinate circle. This should really be just a simple trilateration problem. I know this is usually done by transforming the spherical coordinate system to...
  17. P

    Hypothetical Galactic Navigation System Question

    Hypothetical question here. If someone were to develop a system for navigating the galaxy what would be the best way to determine a position and direction assuming no prior information about location (but access to things like star locations from our solar system's perspective). I'm assuming a...
  18. P

    Inertial navigation over a very small range

    I'm interested in applying inertial navigation over a very small range < 2 meters. Everything I have seen so far that is related to using inertial navigation for dead reckoning is for very large scales and gives accuracy on the order of fractions of miles or several feet. Does anyone know what...
  19. C

    Triaxial MEMS accelerometer inertial navigation

    Hi all! I have a question that maybe some people of this great comunity can help. I´m working with a platform with 16 MEMS accelerometers distributed along the whole surface with a knew position and orientation, I have to measure the differences in acceleration on the Z axis, to get the surface...
  20. ideasrule

    Celestial mechanics, particularly as it relates to spacecraft navigation

    I'm trying to teach myself celestial mechanics, particularly as it relates to spacecraft navigation. Essentially I'm interested in how spacecraft can get from A to B with the lowest delta-V (or whatever the criteria are), and how mission planners figure this out. Can anyone recommend a...
  21. T

    Books on Spacecraft Control and Navigation

    I am a math grad student who has really got interested in spacecraft control and navigation. Like a lot of people, I have been playing too much ksp and gotten interested in the mathematics of spacecraft navigation and control. For fun, I derived some basic motion and control equations...
  22. E

    Questions concerning GPS Navigation

    Hello everyone, Although I am not a physicist, I have been trying to understand the relativity effects on GPS clocks. It's seems pretty logic, however I've stumbled upon on a specific issue: Given a atomic clock without any kind of relativistic adjustment, if the GPS clock is running...
  23. J

    Galactic Navigation System (GNS)

    We've all seen them in sci fi movies and video games like Mass Effect. Assuming you had built a spaceship, you would need some sort of Navigation system. A Starmap if you will, detailing such bodies as stars, exoplanets, gas planets, moons, asteroid fields, comets, etc. Also including their...
  24. Ivan Seeking

    Navigating Seattle Without a GPS

    The roads in some parts of Seattle may have one, two, or three names. SW 130th may also be 141st ave and is not to be confused with NW 130th or NE 141st. Of course it may also be called by a name like "Main Street" on the map, with the numbered names missing altogether. But the name on the map...
  25. K

    Navigation Physics Vectors

    Homework Statement The displacement from London to Rome is 1400 km S 42* E. A wind is blowing with a velocity of 75km/hr east. The pilot wants to fly directly from London to Rome in 3.5 hours. What velocity must the plane have relative to the air? Homework Equations Sin, Cos, Tan, Cosign...
  26. B

    Navigation System of Autonomous UAV

    Autonomous UAV usually employ GPS systems for navigation purpose. However, the accuracy of GPS systems lie between 1 to 10 m. If the autonomous UAV has to be employed in applications where the positional accuracy should not exceed 0.5 m, what are the best navigation assisting options available...
  27. P

    PDOP and GDOP single point Navigation Solution GPS/GNNS

    Single-point Navigation Solution Giving the following satellites positions (coordinates are in meters and in Earth Centered Inertial Frame): r_(is,1)^i=[1.876371950559744e6 -10.6414313406656e6 24.2697646566144e6] r_(is,2)^i=[10.97666464137408e6 -13.08147952230029e6 20.35116937827073e6]...
  28. D

    Vector calculus identities navigation

    Homework Statement I'm reading in a fluid dynamics book and in it the author shortens an equation using identities my rusty vector calculus brain cannot reproduce. Homework Equations \vec{e} \cdot \frac{\partial}{\partial t}(\rho \vec{u}) = -\nabla\cdot (\rho\vec{u})\cdot\vec{e} -...
  29. P

    How to Implement Inertial Navigation System Equations in MATLAB?

    Dear :), could some one please guide me in the right direction to answer the following questions: 1) using MATLAB, implement the differential equations that describe the evolution with time of along-track , cross-track and vertical position. (Inertial Navigation System). and 2) for a...
  30. G

    Can any one explain Schuler cycle in Inertial Navigation System

    Can anyone please explain schuler cycle, please don not start explaining with same old pendulum with the length of radius of Earth stuff. why is it required ? what is that all about ?
  31. M

    How do Vikings use sunstones for navigation in cloudy or foggy conditions?

    I am studying about vikings navigation . Vikings use sunstones (e.g. tourmaline) for navigation in cloudy or foggy days. How can they do that? May be they can describe sun position with polarizer cyristal. If it is like that, What is the relationship between navigation and sun position?
  32. C

    Inertial Navigation Integration FIlter

    Hello, I am trying to create a filter that can integrate inertial measurements with GPS measurements. My inertial sensors are a yaw axis gyro, an odometer, and possibly a 3axis accelerometer. Could you please help me with some guidance? I have read papers, articles and books on the subject but...
  33. B

    Navigation through the Asteroid belt

    How do scientists ensure that probes traveling beyond Mars avoid the asteroid belt? How are calculations made regarding the probe's journey through the asteroid belt to ensure that they are not hit by one?!
  34. M

    Inertial navigation system

    I got a problem in which I need to simulate the position of an object given accelerations in two dimension and rotation in the third. Integrating the acceleration values twice would give me the position in the particular dimensions, and using the angular rotation I could get the position of the...
  35. M

    Inertial navigation system using kalman filter

    Hello, Im working on estimation of inertial navigation system using kalman filtering. Can anyone help me finding the state space model of inertial navigation system used to estimate the states via kalman filter. An early response is needed.Thanks in advance.
  36. A

    Inertial navigation system books?

    Inertial navigation system books?? Hi, Kindly refer me a good book for the basic concepts of inertial navigation system or even any good website link.
  37. P

    Air Navigation and Course Correction. Semester exam in 45 minutes.

    Homework Statement A pilot wishes to fly 2875 km to an airport 18 degrees east of north from his departure point(for the sake of the problem and simplicity, use the origin). He wants to make the trip in 3 hours and 20 minutes. The pilot finds that he actually has to make a change in his air...
  38. wolram

    Fixing Disappearing Navigation Bar - Tips & Tricks

    I just downloaded this version, but the navigation bar on the right hand side does not show up, it flashes on for a split second then vamooses, hovering over it don't bring it back, is there some trick to get back?
  39. C

    Cellular Navigation: Unravelling the Mysteries of Machines & Molecules

    the more I think about it, the more I do not understand about cells and I've been trying to read as much as possible but I saw a video on youtube of cellular simulation showing some molecular machine moving on a molecular rope carrying a sack of proteins. So are there strands of rope networked...
  40. B

    Navigation coordinations confused:

    I`m really got engrossed in working with an INS/GPS integration.pls help me in the basis,with which coordinate the INS and GPS work usually,and how should I convert them,as an usall wowrk,i`m not familiar with coordinates. pls help if any information availble,thanx alot:confused:
  41. T

    How Can AI Account for Gravity in Space Navigation?

    Hi, In the future I want to make a realistic game set in space. Part of the realism is physics and sizes/distances. Thus, one of the things I want to have solved before I even begin on designing the game graphically is that of navigation. Navigation will be done primarily through AI; i.e. the...
  42. D

    Solving a Boat Navigation Problem: A Family's Journey Downstream

    Homework Statement A Family has a boat which can travel at 12 m/s in still water. They are using it to reach a point 500m downstream on the other side of a river 300m wide, and flowing at 4 m/s. What heading must they take, relative to their starting point, in order to reach their destination...
  43. C

    Finding Air and Ground Speed Using Trigonometry: A Pilot's Navigation Problem

    Homework Statement A pilot wants to fly on a bearing of 68.2 degrees. By flying due east, he finds that 38 MPH, blowing from the south, puts him on the course. Find the air speed and ground speed.Homework Equations using law of sines/cosines, ambiguous case.The Attempt at a Solution Tried...
  44. A

    Pilot Solves Navigation Problem with Handwritten Sign

    A helicopter was flying around above Seattle when an electrical malfunction disabled all the navigation and communications equipment. The pilot saw a tall building, flew toward it, circled, drew a handwritten sign saying "Where am I?" and held it in the helicopter's window. People in the tall...
  45. hitssquad

    Navigation abilities/skills of humans by sex and sexual orientation

    From New Scientist: More of the article is here: http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7069
  46. D

    Navigational Instruments Since Tsunami: Recalibration Needed?

    Since the Tsunami, changed the speed of our orbit, and set us off a bit on the planetary tilt; will every compass, and navigational instrument, in every vehicle, sub, satellite, plane, etc, have to be recalibrated? I think that a few millimeters, could become great, over thousands of miles. Or a...
  47. turbo

    Revolutionary Clocks: Improved Navigation & Trade With Pragmatic Innovation

    That "totally irrelevant" clock may mean little to you, but it and its competitors made global navigation and trade (and projection of military force) a lot safer and more viable. Historically, pragmatic, results-oriented innovations have made investment and risk-taking more attractive, and...