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Need 4d electrodynamics Book Names

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    Any one can guide me to some good books about 4-dimentional electrodynamics?

    I don't want books that starts from electromagnetical theorems for maxwell, i want them to start from 4-dimentional systems and operations on them or tensors about them

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    What aspects do you want to learn?
    Are you just looking to obtain the field equations from a relativistic viewpoint? [Practically any intermediate relativity text or introductory [quantum] field theory text will have this. You can also jump into the middle of an intermediate electrodynamics text.]

    Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles
    by A. O. Barut

    Lagrangian Interaction: An Introduction to Relativistic Symmetry in Electrodynamics and Gravitation by Noel A. Doughty

    The Classical Theory of Fields by L D Landau and E M Lifshitz

    Classical Electrodynamics by Hans C . Ohanian
    has somewhat of a relativistic feel to it.

    Classical Electrodynamics By R.S. Ingarden and A. Jamiolkowski
    deals with tensors and twisted differential forms early on... then moves on to some Jackson-like topics.

    I flipped through this once..
    Relativistic Electrodynamics and Differential Geometry
    by Stephen Parrott
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    Thanks, I'll see if they can help ;)
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    I'm downloading now those books, does they contain opeations on the 4 dimentional geometry, vectors and tensors?

    Thanks again
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    Space - Time - Matter: Modern Kaluza-Klein Theory - Page 154
    by Paul S Wesson - Science - 1999 - 209 pages

    Selected Papers on Quantum Electrodynamics - Page 220
    edited by Julian Schwinger - Science - 1958 - 424 pages

    Foundations of Classical Electrodynamics: Charge, Flux, and Metric - Page 119
    by Friedrich H Hehl, Yuri N Obukhov - Science - 2003 - 410 pages

    ask if u require more
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    Charles A. Brau "Modern Problems in Classical Electrodynamics"

    This one follows the spirit of Landau's "The Classical Theory of Fields", developing electrodynamics in the framework of 4-vector formalism rather than the typical methodology of say, Jackson, where life is a boundary value problem for the first semester. I'm also partial to it because he is my advisor :smile:
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    Try Ohanian

    I have tried myself Classical Electrodynamics by Charles C.Ohanian. It is an unusual book as it derives Maxwell's Equation from Relativity principle using Field Tensor. All the explicit details are given and it explains the 4 vectors clearly. Also 4-current density is explained very well. Try your luck.

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