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Studying Resources for reviewing Electrodynamics

  1. Aug 13, 2016 #1
    In two months I'm going to take one Physics exam which covers all the undergraduate courses and I must confess I feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of content that there is to be reviewed.

    In truth I feel that for the purpose of preparing for one exame like this it is not really productive to pick comprehensive text books again and try just reading them.

    In that case, concerning electrodynamics specifically, are there nice resources out there that would be suitable for a review like this?

    When I took the electrodynamics course, the text book used was Griffiths' book. It is a very good book, but IMHO it is quite wordy for a review.

    So what would be good books, or lecture notes, videos, or any other kind of resources, that are suited for a review of undergraduate electrodynamics for one exam like that?
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    Years ago before online books, Schaums Outlines demonstrated a selection of electrodynamics problems, as well as QM and Theoretical Mechanics problems.
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