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Need a certain type of meter - don't know the name - Help please

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    I am making a tool for my workshop and I need a meter that I can press onto certain soft surfaces to measure their internal pressure. Obviously I will have to calibrate the meter for my specific purposes but I want to buy some and start playing around with my idea.

    Basically I need something that has a needle that gets pushed in with a certain amount of force and gives either a mechanical dialed readout or an electronic readout.

    I know you guys can help me out!!!
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    Sounds like you need a "durometer" hardness tester.
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    I would put it on a scale, you will know the force.
    And: Force / Area = Pressure. (lbs. /square inch)
    Measure and calculate the area.

    A durometer produces a dimensionless quantity I believe, not a unit of pressure.
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    There are some important tips on using a durometer on tires or other surfaces:


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    What range of internal pressures does the meter need to cover?
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