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Need a good news article for chemistry report

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    i need some piece of news in the past month that contains something about a few chemical compounds.
    i just cant seem to find anything good. nowadays its all about global warming and green house gases and stuff
    can anyone help me find something other than anything having to do with global warming
    id appreciate some help :smile:
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    i actually already checked those but the article is supposed to have at least 3 compounds(not elements)
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    3 compounds in one article in a news story? Are you sure you've understood your assignment correctly?

    How long ago was that article on pharmaceuticals contaminating water supplies? That's about the only story I can think of that might suit those criteria, but I think it's been longer than a month (then again, maybe there's some source that was having a slow news day the past month and carried the story late).
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    Pharmacueticals in sources of water

    http://pubs.acs.org/cen/coverstory/86/8608cover.html [Broken]

    (recent, but not in the last month)
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