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Need a relation or equation...

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    I need a equation relating no. of turns of primary+ secondary, temperature increased due to eddy currents.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What reading have you done so far about transformers and eddy current losses? Can you post some links to your reading, and ask specific questions about the material in that reading? :smile:
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    Are you asking, "If I double the number of primary turns, how much does the eddy current rise?" (And the answer is, I don't know.)
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    jim hardy

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    Search Steinmetz equation magnetic losses
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    No what if I want to utilize eddy current losses to have heating effect(inductive heating) so the relation for those parameters..
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    For heating frequency is more important than the number of turns. I've seen induction furnaces with less than ½ a dozen turns.
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    jim hardy

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