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Need an ASM extremely fast cuorse

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    Hey guys, im going to take a test monday for a job interview and they just told me that it will include basic assembly programming questions like: (Assume a 68000 processor)

    - Find the factorial of an integer number A.

    - Two numbers, A and B are stored in memory locations 2000 and 2010 respectively.
    Only if both A and B are greater than 1 and less than 16, compute (A to the power of B) and
    write the result in memory location 2020; if not, write a value of 0 in memory location 2020.

    - Find the binary equivalent of a 2 digit Binary Coded Decimal number. The Least
    Significant Bit of the BCD is stored in memory location 1000 and the Most Significant Bit is in
    location 1001. Store the result in location 1002.

    I need to be able to answer questions like this by monday on ASM... Any good online resource or book i can pick to quickly learn this over the weekend?? Thanks
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    You didn't mention your current knowledge. Do you know the assembly language for any processor? Try a web search for 68000 instruction set. This is one of the links I found:

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    I know nothing about asm
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    Then why are you applying to a job that - apparently - requires it?
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    its a programming job, mostly Python, but for some reason they test u in ASM, but i asked around and was told that they never use it
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    Then why didn't you ask the person who told you about the test why you had to know assembly? If you had asked him then and there and it's true that they don't use assembly at the job, then there would've been no reason for you to take the test.
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