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Need good backup software, not only free

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    My situation. There are many GB of difference data that would be saved for it protection from deleting.
    I wish to do backup on external device and I plan to start backup online.
    Backup must be for only changed files and be automatically.
    Free software has as a rule some limitations and not good tech support. I’m ready to consider not very expensive programs.
    Thanks for you answers.
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    I'll 2nd greg's suggestion. Acronis is what we use at work to make nightly incremental backups of our servers. Its a good piece of software and will do exactly what you are looking for.
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    Backing up many gigabytes of data online would be very time consuming, unless you have an unusually fast upload speed. Most backup solutions involve some type of offline storage. For a home system, probably an external hard drive would be best. If it's just a few GB, you might consider backing up to DVD's.
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