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Need guidance on where to start on the study of the variational principle

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    I was experimenting with some physics and the mathematics started to get a bit tougher than what I'm used to. I had a professor who looked at what I'm doing, offered to guide me, and told me to do some research on the variational principle.

    At the moment, I am in Calculus II. I did a couple searches, and the material I found is well beyond my knowledge at this moment. Can someone help direct me to a proper place to start on this study.
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    This looks like a straightforward explanation (well, straightforward in the sense that it
    doesn't obscure things with "advanced" notation for no particular reason).

    If you don't understand this, first learn what you need from Calc 3 and/or ODEs.
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    Yes there is a bunch of calculus 3 there that I see. Thanks for the link.
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    Anyone else? I need a supplement.
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