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Homework Help: Need help finding the derivative of this function!

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    so I started by, let,





    so using the product rule

    f'(x)= (x2-4)1/2+x(1/2(x2-4)-1/2(2x))


    Now do I just differentiate the second term again Im not quiete understanding what needs to be done here??
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    Where did the 4 come from?
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    Sorry error in the question i'll edit now.
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    Ok so you changed the question to [tex]f(x)=x\sqrt{x^2-4}[/tex] ?

    You have both the square root and the power to a half. Choose one or the other, but not both :tongue:

    You have a function f(x) that is comprised of the product of two other functions g(x) and h(x), so [tex]f(x)=g(x)h(x)[/tex] where g(x)=x and [itex]h(x)=\sqrt{x^2-4}[/itex]. Now, to take the derivative of f(x) we use the rule


    Or, if we let g(x)=u and h(x)=v,


    So once you've found the derivative of u and v, you plug u, v, u' and v' into the formula to obtain the derivative of f.
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    But If you look at my working I have already done that? but I still get left with x2(x2-4)-1/2+the first term.

    but the answer says (2x2-4)/(x2-4)1/2

    for starters where does that fraction even come from?

    and when I differentiate once I don't get the answer I get

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    That second term should be x^2/(....) not x^2(...)

    That answer is the same, they've just rationalised. Multiply through by the denominator of the fraction, and you will get the answer they gave. It's the same thing.
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    Ok Thanks!
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    Yes, I know. I was trying to help you get rid of your uncertainties as to what you need to do from there :smile:
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    OOOHHH thanks a bunch mentallic!!!:tongue2:
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