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Need help finding the right gradschool/program

  1. Sep 19, 2015 #1
    Hello everyone, I am soon going to look into graduate schools in mathematics. One area I would really like to study is Mathematical Logic and/or Algebraic Logic, but mostly their part in the application to artificial intelligence (mostly like strong ai/consciousness). And I mean this from the theoretical and mathematical perspective, though I hope to some time take up learning at least some basic computer science on my own (though I would like to stay within mathematics). Part of the reason I am asking for such a program is that I generally enjoy all most all math subjects equally, so I am just narrowing it down into fields with what I think have the most interesting applications, on top of logic/set theory/algebraic logic just being really cool. Can anyone help me find such a grad school and program? Thanks in advance for any response.
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    Any restrictions on which part of the world?
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    Hopefully within the United States, and if not, Canada (really would prefer U.S. though)
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    What kind of programs do you think are realistic? Do you want to apply to places like Princeton, MIT or Harvard? The top programs are all pretty well balanced. There are rankings by subfield in U.S news but those are probably not too reliable.
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    I was considering applying to those places anyways, but maybe something perhaps not as strict to get into as the ivy leagues.
  7. Sep 21, 2015 #6
    What are your scores? and if you have one a GPA?
  8. Sep 21, 2015 #7
    I have 3.9 GPA, taking the gre some time soon. Don't know when I'm just started junior year.
  9. Sep 21, 2015 #8
    Ok cool if you can maintain that GPA that will definitely help you. So I'm assuming your in your 3rd year of undergrad based on the fact your looking for a good grad school. Anyways not all the best grad schools belong to the ivy league group, also, most grad schools will specify there strengths, it just takes some digging!
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