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Need help for IGBT parameter in PSIM

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    hello im jagodzziski from poland i would like to ask u about PSIM software actually im doing single phase SPWM inveter voutput 12V 50HZ .. may i know what parameter for igbt and may u show me the calcultion tq
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    Hi, jagodzziski. I guess none of us use PowerSim. So, I cannot help you with the software. I personally use OrCAD PSpice.

    As for IGBT, are you asking for model parameter or a specific model?
    If you have planned a specific model please mention it. I'll try to solve the circuit for you.
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    ooh really ..hmm im not familiar with that software but mine share ur single phase inverter cct that produce spwm..btw thanks for ur rply mr Kholdstare ..sorry for my bad eng.
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