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Need help for my final project- ISD chips

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    For this project, I need about 10 input as buttons and each input produce different output. Its output is the playback of audio message which is being record in the ISD Chip.

    I plan to use ISD2590P chips which will be able to record of about 90second only, which is more enought for me. I will record the audio message by using addressable which mean record start from the specified address. After the audio messages have been recored, I plan to use PIC to set the port of it as the input which are the buttons and extract the audio file of the specified address from the ISD chips.

    Do you guys think this will success? The only thing I worry about is that the audio messsage playback at the specified address will play till the end of the whole recorded message? do u think will or it will only play till end of the internal End Of Message (EOM) marker which mean a portion of the audio message??
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    i used to have some of those when radio shack sold them.

    build it and record a 90 second message, keep just a8 high and see if the chip allows outside control of timing, this data sheet :yuck:
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