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Homework Help: Need help in analogue electronics

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    hey my name is luna
    i need a help i have got work to do is how to design a common emitter amplifier with emitter resister and emitter bypass capacitor for the following:
    voltage gain= 70
    lower cut off frequency = 135 Hz
    Take RL as 10k AND quiescent operating points , Vce = 6V and Ic = 2 mA

    simulate the designed circuit using any ECAD tool ( ORCAD)
    1) Calculate the input and output impedances of the amplifier.
    2) Obtain its frequency response and find out its band width, midband gain and cut-off frequency....

    i hope any one can help me how to get those coz am alone in doing this course work :( i hope you would help me as soon as you can
    Thank you very much
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    Welcome to PF, luna.spell

    For course and homework questions, we like to see the student make an attempt at solving the problem before giving out help. Please provide any thoughts you have on how to go about this.

    Also, we have a homework question area where homework questions should be posted.
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    i couldnt get what i want so i came here and i asked you those question i wish if u can help me lil bit >>>
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