Need help on basic fluid volume calculation

  1. Need help on basic fluid volume calculation!!

    Hey guys, I need some help calculating a volume.

    Ok, so say we are given a pressure vessel with an 88ci volume @ 4500psi which is then regulated down to 100psi and we open a valve for 0.1 second. How many cubic inches of air would be released?

    The reason why I am asking is because I am developing a pneumatic shift system for a formula car. And I need to know how many shifts we can get per tank of compressed air.

    Im not sure as to which formula to use but I figure someone here would.

    If you need any other information just let me know.

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  3. Re: Need help on basic fluid volume calculation!!

    It depends. The simplest possible answer would be to assume that the flow is choked, but even that would require knowledge of how large the opening is, and it may or may not be close to the correct answer (depending on the details of the system). Your best bet is probably to build a prototype and test it, if that's in your budget.
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