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Need help replacing laptop touchpad

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    The touchpad on my HP laptop is totally nonfunctional and I have to use an external mouse which is very inconvenient. I was just wondering if somebody could direct me to a helpful site explaining how to do such a thing. Also, I would like to add a dedicated video card to this laptop since it only has an integrated video processor. Is this something recommended or should I just upgrade to a new laptop?
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    How old is the laptop? If you want to game on a laptop and the laptop is old you are probably better off just getting a new one. Generally you just take off the case and connect the wires from the new touchpad/keyboard combination and it should be ready to go. Although you may need to install a driver.
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    You have to find somewhere to get a replacement touchpad (just google around) and then it's just a matter of figuring out what to take apart to get access to the broken touchpad in order to replace it. Usually laptops are held together with a combination of little screws and interlocking plastic parts. Study it's construction carefully to determine how it's put together.

    As for the video card....with a laptop your generally stuck with what's been installed by the manufacturer.
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