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Need help (sheet metal design question)

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem and need your help or advice.

    Kindly check the drawing and help me.

    Need to know how much force is generated at the free end when the gap closes to 200mm.

    The length of the plate is 650 where 50 is welded and 600 is the free end

    Material is 1.5mm thk x 500 mm width MS Steel.

    thanks in advance

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    It appears there are mistakes in your diagram. It appears 550 mm in your diagram should be 600 mm. And it appears 563 in your diagram should be 563.8 mm. You may want to correct the discrepancies. You also did not explain what "MS" means.

    Nonetheless, you have a cantilever large deflection problem. Although this is not very good news, I have never seen a cantilever large deflection theory problem solved in a forum yet. Maybe I missed it. I would love to see an actual example worked out and solved.
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    I think that you can trasladate this problem like, ¿what is the torsor moment that you need to change the angle?
    Sorry I don't speak english correctly.

    In Spanish: El problema se reduce ha calcular el momento a aplicar en el extremo para hacer que el ángulo de 160º se transforme en 110º. Desconozco las propiedades del "MS" steel pero necesitas el módulo de Young para calcular la fuerza.
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