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Fan failure and yield strength

  1. Aug 4, 2011 #1
    What will fail if the aluminium impeller rotating at 7500 rpm and powered by 355 kw motor strikes against the stationary 10 mm thick ms plate welded at both the ends having length of 350 and width 200 mm and impeller blade is 12 mm thick.

    I am confused in first glance we think that blade will fail of aluminum but when we calculate the impact load due to rpm it will be around 650 mpa where as the yeild stregth of ms is 410mpa

    please help me & suggest what will be the case?
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    Re: Aluminum & Mild Steel Load Question *NEW Member*

    Good evening GillJatt and welcome to Physics Forums.

    Perhaps if you post a cross section diagram in the new thread you will get more takers.

    go well
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