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Homework Help: Need help taking the derivative of these 2 equations

  1. Oct 17, 2009 #1
    Need help taking the derivative of these 2 equations



    for the first i believe its
    y` = s

    for the second i am not sure if its but i believe its the first one

    y` = 3sx^2+1


    y` = 3sx^2+1+2

    is this correct? the second one is kind of throwing me off with the b
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    Re: Derivatives

    With respect to which variable? s, x, or t?
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    Re: Derivatives

    to x, s and t are constants
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    Re: Derivatives

    First off, these aren't equations. They are just expressions.
    No. From what you said in a later post, s and t are constants, so d/dx(t) = 0.
    What b?
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