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Need Help Wiring a large LED to Run Off Batteries

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    I'm a documentary filmmaker and I am trying to build battery powered china lantern using an 13w Evolux SH LED array light bulb (http://eartheasy.com/store/proddetail.php?prod=EvoLuxSH).

    I'd like to use something like D-Cell rechargable batteries, possibly from a modified light bulb, although since this bulb is made for AC power, I may need some sort of power inverter. It accepts 90~277 V AC.

    Does anyone have any ideas about powering this with batteries? The objective is to have it suspended from a cable attached to a pole raised in the air so that we can have light for the camera as we film. Battery powered so we don't have to worry about trailing an extention cord.
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    If you like the packaging and diffusive dome, you can buy it, strip out the PCB and directly wire to the CREE XRE-LED module using between 2 and 3 1.5V batteries (some 'fresh' alkalines are 1.5V, while fully charged NiMHs or NiCads are 1.2V--under no conditions should you exceed the 3.9V listed on the datasheet):

    Or you can just buy the module itself for slightly less and wire it up as suggested above.

    EDIT: Clearly, you need an integer value of batteries! I meant to say either 2 or 3 of the 1.2 to 1.5V batteries you have.
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