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Need help with the specifics of an honors project

  1. Feb 4, 2008 #1
    Hey, here's the deal: I want to do an honors project (not a senior thesis or anything like that--just a project that will give me honors credit for my physics I w/ calc class)...

    One of my chem professors suggested that I review the method and background of molecular dynamics as applied to drug protein interactions.

    I need to submit a proposal (1/2-1pg) describing the specifics. In other words I need to make the idea a little meatier so that it gets approved...

    One idea that I want to include is actually learning a bit of whatever software the phy dept. uses for MD simulations and making my own to accompany the paper I'll turn it at the end of the semester.

    So, as far as writing up a formal assignment and breaking this topic down into specific areas, does anyone have an suggestions? Help me bulk this idea up because I'm thinking I could have some fun with this!

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    If your in physics 1, I would say your setting your goals a bit too high. Also, why would a chem professor suggest something for a physics class?
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    Because my physics prof didn't offer any ideas other than to discuss the philosophical evolution of classical physics--which I was told is too broad and to focus on something more specific in order for the proposal to be aproved. My organic prof does research with drug design and had a bookshelf full of physics books so I asked what he might suggest and this is what he came up with. I thought it sounded interesting and would allow me to use Newtonian physics. Not good? I'm definitely open to other suggestions, but my time is dwindling to get the proposal in. This is where some guidance would come in handy...I would think I could get that on a physics forum? :) Please, suggestions?
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    It's likely very interesting-- no doubt about that, but whether or not it is reasonable, that is a different question.
    I like your Physics professor's idea. Who determines what project topic is good enough? I'm guessing not your physics professor. Find out who regulates these things and ask them about past projects.
    I would do something related to the class. Maybe look at the trajectories of a trebuchet throwing flaming pianos and then write a small computer code to solve and graph the time evolution position of the flaming piano or something.
    Maybe even look into linear oscillations of a ball fixed between two springs o the x-axis.
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