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Homework Help: Need help with typing equations into MS Word!

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    I am not sure if I have posted this in the right thread, feel free to move it to appropriate spot.

    But here is the question:

    I need to hand in a physics project that needs a good amount of equations stuffed into it. Now I have to options. Write them or type them. Writing will ruin the whole thing (not mentioning it's not permitted in a formal project) and typing equations and expressions with MS Word is a PAIN!

    Does any of you guys out there have a fast, free, and easy-to-use software that you are using since most of you deal with this sort of stuff?!

    I googled this for an hour and the best solution was Rapid-Pi...a VERY nifty software that has a trial period of 60 days :frown:

    Also I like this LaTeX thing in here...but I can't find an "offline" version of it...
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    But isn't that another trial?!
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    Texaide is a free version. That site also has mathType, which is more powerful, but not free.
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    Use the in-built equation editor for MS Word, it served me well enough.

    To access it:

    Insert > Object...

    Select> Microsoft Equation 3.0

    You can set up a shortcut for this in the customisation menu of Word so its easier in future.

    You can do most things with it, hope its enough :)
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    Well what do you know!

    I read the fine print for mathtype:


    Also I checked out the Equation Editor...cool!

    thanks guys I knew I would get something from you guys!
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