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Convert MS Word documents into LaTeX

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    I realise this is most likely an extremely basic question but I can't seem to find the answer...
    I am wondering if it's possible to convert MS Word documents (with some MathType equations) into LaTeX (and then into pdf files)? I have never used LaTex before and would appreciate some basic guidance as to (a)is this possible, (b)what software I need to download and (c)what I actually need to do!
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    Try here: http://www.tug.org/utilities/texconv/pctotex.html

    I don't have first hand experience of them, but the TeX User Group (TUG) is as good a place to start looking as any.

    Obviously you need to install a TeX system on your PC. I would recommend http://miktex.org/ (which is free).

    You will need to learn the basics of how to use LaTeX. There are plenty of tutorials on the web, of varying quality. Tutorials produced by universities for their students are usually good. Or read "The not so short introduction to LaTeX2e" (google the title, or look for a file called lshort.pdf).
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    You'll need to convert the MathType equations to LaTeX first. You can do that with the Toggle TeX command, but you'll get more consistent results by using the Convert Equations command. Both of these commands are on the MathType tab in Word. Look in MathType Help for instructions on using these commands. Post follow-up questions here if you'd like.
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    If you finally want to create pdf files, why don't you do that directly from word?
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