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Need high-temp rubber coating

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    Need high-temp "rubber" coating

    Hey I'm looking to coat some 0.5" aluminum rods with some sort of coating to increase the friction coefficient ("tackiness" I believe it's called). It will be used in high temperature environments of up to 200C. Does anyone know of such product?

    I tried calling this company but that product can't get anywhere near 200C.

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    Re: Need high-temp "rubber" coating

    A high-temperature silicone?
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    Re: Need high-temp "rubber" coating

    It's just that silicone won't adhere to aluminium. Maybe things get less bad if you anodise first.

    My suggestion is a nickel layer. These have a high coefficient of friction, and better, they don't gall.

    You already know that aluminium alloys are capable of nearly nothing at 200°, do you?
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    Re: Need high-temp "rubber" coating

    could try a belzona coating depending on what your doing


    They are usually painted on smooth, but I can imagine you cant make it rougher when you apply it. Also expensive but good for temps up to 180°C
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